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Alcor Packaging Forum is designed to provide packaging executives with current trends, strategic insights, and best practices in packaging innovation, design, materials, and branding. APF will cover areas like how to rethink your simplification and cost reduction to drive innovation in your packaging, delivering sustainability across the supply chain to deliver a circular economy, improving the economics and quality of plastic recycling, and much more. Alcor Packaging Forum is an Industry’s leading event that will provide an excellent sourcing platform for the international manufacturers, professional buyers, and decision-makers in the plastics, printing, and packaging industries but also brings the opportunity for all participants to network and exchange relevant information from all across the globe.

Why Attend

Our Speakers

Solutions at APF 2022

πŸ”· Closures & Containers
πŸ”· Functional Packaging
πŸ”· Consumable Material
πŸ”· Compostable Packaging
πŸ”· Bottling Machinery
πŸ”· Automation Technology
πŸ”· Bioplastics
πŸ”· Bio Polymers
πŸ”· Flexible Material
πŸ”· Glass Packaging
πŸ”· Corrugated Materials
πŸ”· Contract Manufacturing
πŸ”· Eco Design
πŸ”· Branding
πŸ”· Aluminium Pakaging
πŸ”· Design
πŸ”· Green Manufacturing
πŸ”· Interactive Packaging
πŸ”· Labelling Technologies/Services
πŸ”· Outsourcing
πŸ”· Packaging Machinery
πŸ”· Prototyping
πŸ”· Graphic Design
πŸ”·Β Nanotechnology
πŸ”·Β Rigid Plastics
πŸ”·Β Product Lifecycle Management
πŸ”·Β Supply Chain Management
πŸ”·Β Paper Packaging
πŸ”·Β Safety Compliance
πŸ”·Β Printing Technologies/Services
πŸ”·Β Structural Design
πŸ”·Β Reduced Material Packaging
πŸ”·Β Recyclable Material

Target Audience

πŸ”· Global Packaging Head
πŸ”· Innovation Manager Packaging
πŸ”· Packaging Design Manager
πŸ”· Director Packaging Buyer

πŸ”· Procurement Packaging Manager
πŸ”· Purchasing Director
πŸ”· Global Category Buyer
πŸ”· Head Packaging Engineer


πŸ”· Packaging R & D Head
πŸ”· Senior Packaging Manager
πŸ”· Senior Packaging Technologist
πŸ”· Packaging Outsourcing Manager


πŸ”·Β Packaging Development Head
πŸ”·Β Vendor Selection Head
πŸ”·Β Supply Chain Manager



πŸ”· 1:30 – 2:00 Presentation no.1:

Bioplastics : A Perfect Tool for Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

  • Advances in research and development of bioplastic for food packaging
  • Discuss Innovative Technologies for Biodegradable Packaging
  • Application of bioplastics for food packaging

πŸ”· 2:00 – 2:30 Presentation no.2:

Digitalization in packaging –Time to move

  • Smart packaging: Connecting the physical with the digital
  • How Digitalization Is Transforming the Packaging Industry?
  • Is the packaging industry missing the digital connection?

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