The top technology trends in the hotel industry 2020

The modern era is the era of modern technologies. The advanced technologies have put a lot into our living. Besides providing various advantages, these have also made a luxurious living as something beyond dreams. As with many other fields, hospitality-related businesses are also making use of the best technologies in order to provide a comfortable and advanced living experience to the customers.

Hotels and resorts are now not just a place for living but are also being used for performing many other operations. These may include business meetings, conferences, a luxurious few days living experiences, and a lot more. Considering these purposes, one may prefer to stay at a place that might provide him with advanced technologies that could save his time and potential as well.

Modern hotels are making the best use of online booking and branding tools that provide the customer with all the information and with the facility of personalizing the booking. In this article, we are going to discuss the top technology trends in the hotel industry.

Customer personalization via cloud-based software

Nowadays, hotels are following key trends to provide their customer with comfortable, luxurious, and advanced living. Customers can personalize living by cloud-based software technology that’s made transactions management and other tasks easier. These allow customers to rely on their mobile applications and websites to get the required services.

Digital key trends

One of the modern trends in the hotel industry is the use of mobile technology as a door key. It contains cards that provide all the required information on your mobiles that can be used to reach the different places at the hotel, including the gym, spa, etc. Service automation has made check-in and checks out easy without interacting directly with the humans at the receiving counters.

Implementation of Artificial intelligence  

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence is also among hotel industry trends and is being followed by top luxurious hotels. It has proved to be really time-saving. It takes customer service to the next level by automatically managing the huge data and integrating booking platforms.


Safety and security system is one of the basic needs that should be strong in hotels as personal data can easily be hacked in hotels. Cybersecurity trends are widely followed in the hospitality industry. That’s why hotels are making it a priority to get a smart safety and security system for their customers. These are making in use those technological tools that carry multilayer security.

Guest apps

Hotels have now come with different guest apps that provide the customers with all the information related to current hotel deals. It updates the customer about the service a hotel is providing along with loyalty programs.


Technology plays a vital role in the tourism and hospitality industry. It increases operational efficiency, improves customer experience and services. It has decreased costs because human labor is replaced with technology in many hotels. So, every hospitality industry needs to follow these technology trends to improve their services as well as customer experience.

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