10 smart ways to reshape the hotel industry

As everything hotel industry is also facing advancements in its technology that makes a hotel experience more comfortable and needs friendly. Here in this article, I am going to discuss some smart ways that are liable to change the hotel industry’s features in the near future.

Smart Energy Management (SEMs)

The smart energy management system can serve to save the budget regarding energy consumption. Smart energy management devices can reduce the costs of a Hotel to about 20%. The smart lighting system will allow hotels to set priority light times and, as a result, show a fair reduction in energy consumption costs.

Predictive maintenance prior a severe damage

 It is another advanced strategy that hotels can adopt. As a smart management system can limit energy consumption costs, predictive maintenance can maintain any hazardous or faulty trends. That could, for instance, reduce that have the budget required to fix a fully damaged appliance or trend.

Smart guest experiences by using smart apps

No hotel business can flourish without a happy guest. For making them more comfortable and giving them a further advanced experience, sensors that automatically collect data according to the previous stay of the guest can be used that could help in customizing hotel services according to the guest’s needs for the smart guest experience.

Big data and big data protection based on smart techniques

Data collection and preservation is one of the big tasks that need to be performed in order to take productive actions regarding hotel success. It needs to invest the most in such smart techniques liable to be helpful in this regard.

Reserved parking prior to the arrival

This smart feature use sensors that automatically reserve the parking space of the guests ‘choice. That would resultantly save the Labor costs for manual parking management.

Automated check-in/check out via mobile devices.

This feature enables check-in with just a Mobile device saving labor costs of the hotel and further alerting on the guest’s arrival that could help in saving time for the welcoming process. This could enable a more personalized guest experience on time to check out where they could make the transportation of their choice.

Mobile room keys in place of keycards

These smart mobile apps serve as a key, saving cost for printing key cards that are also not environmentally friendly.

Smart room service via Mobile app-based menu cards.

This serves as shifting menu cards to the smart Mobile apps at the time when guests will be in their room. This enables more personalized services for guests’ comfort.

Using some marketing strategies

In order to provide all these smart features to the guests, it needs to bring the guests at the door, and this will happen by making smart marketing choices. Data opportunities for smart technologies will help to make a hotel noticeable to the guests.

Technology use that can manage online reputation

Online ratings of a hotel can help predict the future bookings and success of a hotel. So this needs to be continuously monitored and managed.

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